"It's a car game", is what the untrained observer will say first, but this game is a little more than that. Join together pieces, wheels and engines in absolutely any way you want - and I mean absolutely any way, create new vehicles using your creativity and find new parts to build a better vehicles , and have a good time exploring the empty and daunted Tomb of the Engineer.

There is a bug that I did not find in time since it is related to the last details that I made for the game, do not press play if you have not put any piece and do not remove a piece and then give it play, I apologize for the inconvenience

Created for the Game Makers Tool Kit game jam

Controls: WASD or Arrows; use left mouse click for the grappling hook

My instagram if you wanna follow my dev log  https://www.instagram.com/erizux.dev/


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ooooohhh cool game!!!!what software did u use??