Rana drip is a small Metroidvania where you have to discover the way to have drip

Play as a little frog who jumps and swings with his tongue in a small cave, all the while looking for a way to get drip

This game was developed by two Latin American developers for the "Pompous Trash Jam"


Jump with W and move while jumping with A and D

Use the mouse to use your tongue

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsErizux, FloriXx
Tags2D, Cute, Frogs, Funny, Metroidvania, Narrative, Pixel Art, Retro, Story Rich


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ill try to speed run it

best time: 9 min

Wow! That was fun! Going to get your drip was really enjoyable! I liked the jump and pray you catch something off screen. I was a little confused after I got my drip about where to go, especially when I died and it sent me back to the gate. Once you get drip, I would have it respawn you at the top again. And maybe then the guy up there or the hourglass character could give you an idea of where to go next. Overall, it was a fun game, and fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

I have finally earned drip!

Good concept but graphics are still not eye catching enough, this needs a much better color palette. A mini map would be welcome as well. I didn't find any bugs and I was able to use the tongue after talking to a npc but I didnt play much longer due to the graphics.


How use the mouse to use the tongue? Left and right click aren't work!

Thanks for the feedback, at first you can't use the tongue, I think that is the problem you are referring to, but if after you talk to the second npc it doesn't allow you to use the language, there is a problem,  Can you confirm if this is the case?